Holiday actions is going to end!
Tomorrow all holiday actions will be removed! Hurry up to use them last day!
New elements in Match 3
Last working day is almost finished and all servers in next hour will receive last update in this year - new element in minigame "Match 3" striped gems - match 4 elements, then new splash element with gems of the same color and remove all row instantly!
Enjoy game!
Happy New Year!
Addition to the Winter Holidays!
In addition to the 1100AD world's celebrations, we added a few nice updates:
1) Now 3 rare unique buildings can be build per account.
2) The mini game 3 in a row we added 9th and 10th bonus prizes range.
3) Problems with assembled in the forge Christmas tree are fixed . Now it gives correct vassals or mercenary points, depending on the specifics of the server. Improperly obtained points will be replaced later.
4) In NanBan server 3 new permanent artifact added, which will soon be available in the proposals, as well as the exchanger has been filled with new products.

In addition to these amendments, we are launching another mini-game -"A fight in a Tavern" where each player can try his hero in the battle on fists! Take part in the mini game can be through the tavern. For each player will be maintain game statistics and at the end of the holidays TOP 10 best players from each server will receive prizes!

This year we are also giving away Orders skills! Top 3 Best Orders in the mini-game "A fight in a tavern," will receive a unique prize: + 1 point to any of Order skills on their choose!
Note: The best Orders are defined by separate statistics.
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