New Year holidays
We would like to wish all players happy holidays and merry Christmas!

Today after the restart the following will occur:

1) There will be a 50% discount for the following services:
- gold and silver subscription packages
- building underpasses between cities
- renaming a hero
2) For the duration of the holidays (16th December until 10th of January) each player will have “display of detailed movement path of own and allied armies in the city tactics” service available.
3) Players' cities will be regularly attacked by snowmen. Watch out!
4) In Barracks you will be able to recruit Santa Clauses for your winter battles, especially against evil snowmen.
5) Cities will have Christmas trees, and several times a day it will light up with colorful Christmas lights. Click the illuminated Christmas tree to receive a gift.
6) You can also buy lottery tickets from the Christmas tree. The draw will take place on 1st of January. Grand prize is the Professional Gold Subscription Pack for a whole 2011 year!
Payment transactions delays
Dear players, please be aware that in the next 24 hours there can be possible delays for PayPal or MasterCard transactions. Thank you for your patience, Amber Games.
New server mode is open for testing
Welcome to the server called 'Unification of Aragon'. This world is unique mode of our game, without tactic battles. Currently server has an open beta status.
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