Security questions
Dear players.

To ensure safety of your accounts on our game servers and to prevent hijacking of your game accounts we strongly recommend setting up a security code.
Without knowing this code no one will be able to change your game password or email.
You can set up the security code in “Profile” -> “Security code”.
Remember it and do not share it with anyone, as it will compromise the security of your account.

As of 1st of January 2011 tickets regarding account loss or hijacking will be reviewed only if the account had the security code. Tickets with accounts without the security code will not be reviewed.

Best regards, Administration.
"Create Your Lands" contest extended
"Create Your Lands" contest is extended till November 10, 2010. Winners of the contest, will be announced on November 11, 2010.
Special offer - build your lands faster!
Merchants from the East brought unusual machinery with their caravan.
It allows you to terraform surrounding lands at a greater distance - 3 cells from your city.
It also makes city transfer cheaper. Build your lands faster than ever !

This offer will be active till November 7 and is especially useful
for the participants of "Create Your Lands" contest.

Pay attention to another important change.
You can destroy enemy mark tower and start digging the lake at once.
New icon - "Dig lake", will appear when you click on tower building in tactics mode.
Transforming tower into a lake takes the same time as normal valley terraforming, at the same cost.
Transformation cannot be started if there are any defending troops.
This change will allow the player to continue building despite attempts to block it with free mark towers.

Follow the news - tower building and destroyal mechanics will be updated soon.
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