Buy Gold and get Resources!
Sensation, sensation! Following the numerous requests, you will be getting gift resources when buying gold packages – from today on and FOREVER!

It is up to you whether to use those resources to build an army or invest them in the library.
Please, remember that:
The 200 gold package guarantees 10,000 resources.
The 500 gold package guarantees 100,000 resources.
The 1000 gold package guarantees 500,000 resources.
The 2400 gold package guarantees 1,000,000 resources.
The 3500 gold package guarantees 2,000,000 resources.
The 5100 gold package guarantees 3,000,000 resources.
The 11000 gold package guarantees 5,000,000 resources.
The 22000 gold package guarantees 7,000,000 resources.
Easter holidays in 1100AD
Team 1100AD sincerely congratulates you with the upcoming Easter and wishes you and your beloved ones peace, love and happiness now and forever.

And to celebrate this we've prepared for you special events, games and of course great discounts – all this available for the 2 whole weeks, from 16th to 30th of April! Read more at forum.
Incorrect server selection on Siege of Acre
Dear players! Tickets about incorrect server selection on Siege of Acre will only be accepted if your selection was made prior to 17:00 Riga time (14:00 server time) on 16th of April.
After the above specified time, a special confirmation message was added to the compensation menu that asks the player to confirm the action - in this case, all tickets will not be considered.
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