Buy Gold & Get a 40 lvl Hero and a Merc Camp Point!
A Special Campaign!
Only Until 12:00 Server Time on 30.05.2014!
Each gold purchase brings you the 40-lvl bonus hero! And if you buy more than 5000 gold, then, you also get a Mercenary Camp Control Point - no limits, too!
Build 2_42
New Adventure Huts!

The new adventure huts – the Elite Mercenaries’ Bastions – have appeared in the lands of this world.
The strongest mercenaries from every corner of the world and the legendary heroes have assembled to protect these AHs; they protect their treasures fiercely!

Full list of patch notes are available: here.
Buy Gold and get Resources!
Sensation, sensation! Following the numerous requests, you will be getting gift resources when buying gold packages – from today on and FOREVER!

It is up to you whether to use those resources to build an army or invest them in the library.
Please, remember that:
The 200 gold package guarantees 10,000 resources.
The 500 gold package guarantees 100,000 resources.
The 1000 gold package guarantees 500,000 resources.
The 2400 gold package guarantees 1,000,000 resources.
The 3500 gold package guarantees 2,000,000 resources.
The 5100 gold package guarantees 3,000,000 resources.
The 11000 gold package guarantees 5,000,000 resources.
The 22000 gold package guarantees 7,000,000 resources.
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