Halloween 2017!
Pumpkins, costumes, candies, happy children - all this is Halloween!
The most fun and scary holiday of all is coming - All Saints' Eve!
Team 1100AD invites all the players to join the celebration!

In order to celebrate Halloween, starting from today 1100AD world will have a holiday special with festive events, discounts, presents and games that will last from 26th of October to 9th of November!

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Black Friday!!!!
Black Friday is here!

My Lords and Miladies!
Black raven brought us news from the house of the elders!
A force is moving towards us, which no one has seen before ... a collision is inevitable ... Raise troops, prepare guns and become the guardians of your cities!
When the sun goes twice over the horizon, darkness will come to our cities ...
Octoberfest 2017!
Dear players,
in honor of this funny annual festival we decided switch on discounts for the construction of some locations.
Pour all a mug of beer and run to build!

Changes in the game:

Characteristics of Teutonic Knights and Highwayman have changed.
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