Update 2_91
Livonia, Beta and Bohemia have changes in the game tactics. On the server data transferred tactics Korean server, since it is a tactic to minimize hang-up games for large battles. All soldiers now have a single attack speed, some of the soldiers are also changes in their characteristics.
Update 2_90 Released!
List of changes:
- Artifacts taken from order storage will come to you in same one event.
- Hero resurrection in one army when army name was too long corrected.
- Displaying artifacts robbed out in the logs corrected as well. Now you will get summary statistic info as well.
- For Aragon server we added options on exit from another city or location
- New port city treasure map - guaranteed port city with bonus 1750 population and mercenary stars
Knight Battle 2016 Prize List published
Knight Battle 2016 Prize List published -
1    4 5 6 7 8 9 10    146