Knowledge Day 2017!
Dear players!

Every year on September 1, all schools celebrate the Day of Knowledge!

It is a holiday for schoolchildren (especially first-graders), their parents, teachers, students, and lecturers, for all who teach and learn.
The 1100AD team congratulates all students and their parents on this wonderful and very first autumn holiday!
Today in the world of 1100AD we start celebration of Knowledge Day with special offers, gifts and games.

It will last from August 30 to September 14!

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Game Update 3_16
Dear players!

Summer is coming to the end, but not the time to be sad.
It's time to open the velvet season! All at sea!
Now the castles of Visborg gives 5 times more naval points, as well as the Lighthouses limit rise up to 24!
Forward to the new adventures, brave pirates! Yo-ho-ho!
Game Update 3_15
Dear players!

We are happy to announce changes that will make your game more interesting!

Meet next:

1. Only until 25.07. 25% discount for the construction of the Village!

2. The Nanban server is waiting for an increase in the limits of the hikes, but there will remain reserved places, to which the limits will remain the same! Do not relax!

3. In the temporary locations you can find rare boxes. Within them, you can find MPP, PPP or % to the library. Please note that these boxes will be exclusively mined. Players can sell them or share with the order, but they can not be found in promo-actions. All in the quests!

4. The problem of the construction of the Order Tower by the Masters has been fixed.

5. All the rare cities, which fate or malice concealed behind the walls of contours, will be thrown out by the restart. Owners could write to our support and replace them in desired place outside of contour. Not possible any more to transfer rare city now via mark tower.
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