Xmas 2016 is just around a corner!
The brightest and merriest holiday approaches!
1100AD are inviting all the players to take a dive into the festive atmosphere, join the winter (even without snow) celebration and pass it with their families!
We should like to wish all the players the Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year. May the coming year bring you achievements and good health as well as unforgettable adventures, resounding battles and new encounters! Thank you all for having been with us so far and going to be in the coming year, too.
And in order to properly celebrate the upcoming holidays, we have prepared something special for you: NEW ARTIFACTS, PRESENTS, HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS and more...
Winter is coming!
Winter is here and only a few days left before the lightest, brightest, and most anticipated holidays of the year: Christmas and New Years!
Very soon we will gather at the table with our circle of friends and relatives to share a great meal!

Today 1100AD turns the first lights on and all the buildings in the city will be covered with snow, but in the quest locations you will find a few new items. However these items types still remain a secret! These secrets will all come to light on the eve of the holidays!

Have a good weekend!
Update 3_1. Unit Denomination!
Dear players!
We are happy to announce game version 3.0 with several big changes:
1. Almost all the characteristics of soldiers will be increased by several times, as well as the fighting characteristics and cost of hiring. That will reduce the number of soldiers in the armies of the player. All existing armies and units in kingdom events will be replaced with new units - 7 old units to 1 new unit.
Player had 700 swordsman, 490 archers and 2100 battle mastiffs, after restart army would consist of 100 swordsman, 70 archers and 300 battle mastiffs.
2. Limit for campaigns to 1 destination introduced for units:
battle_mastiff = 6000
white_bear = 3000
barbarian = 10000
varangian = 4000
heavyroyalguard = 4000
It means 1 player could send to 1 location not more than this amount of units
3. Heroes after death could be resurrected only after 8h of refreshing sleep (regardless - free or with experience saving)

N.B. Today changes would be active in Midgard, another servers (except Nanban) - later.
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