Results of the contests and fixes
The holidays finally came to an end and all of you were awesome, so all of the cross server competitions weren't left unrewarded.
Do not forget that 19.01.2018 in each server there will be set 4 neutral prize cities for capture!

1. The bug of armies loss has been fixed, if before the moment of return the population locations were reformed.
2. The robbery of artifacts has been repaired.
3. The shield can be activated if the incoming attack takes no longer than 5 minutes.
4. In NANBAN, KORYO, MIDGARD, LIVONIAN, GOLDRUSH the limit of armies was raised to 200k.
5. Competition cities in all of the servers are captured with a siege mechanism.
HUrry up to exchange coins for goods!
Dear players!
For your convenience the coin exchange algorithm in the Exchanger has been changed.
You no longer have to carry coins from one city to another for exchange and you don't have to worry that the city does not contain enough space. From now on the missing coins will be taken from other cities (excluding forts and fortresses) automatically for a small transfer fee!
Collect, save and exchange without problems!
Exchanger will be closed 11.01 at 10:00AM (Server time)
New Year Coming Soon!
New 2018 Year is almost here!
Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.

New permanent artifact set introduced -
Order of Dobrin shield, sword, bow, flag and emblem.
The new artifacts are showcased in promo offers. Those artifacts can also be found in the quest locations - Laplandia and Igloo.
For all snowman builders good news - you can search for carrots also in Misty Mines, Gisors Castles, Igloo and Sea Location.

Game Changes:
1. Limit of Strongboxes increased to 15 per city, actual also for Order Strongboxes.
2. Only for 4 days available discounts for population locations!
3. Changed parameters for artifacts: Templar Shield, Hospitaller Shield, Sword of Fallen Knights

Also - you can see full list of planned cross server awards here!
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