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The battle game 1100AD is a multiplayer game that you can play from your browser that puts your armed forces in warfare against your enemies. Destroy your opponent's castle in this online strategy war game. Build your empire from the ground up—in 1100AD, you start with only a small village and are given the opportunity to create the most powerful army ever seen in the game.

In addition to the limitless military possibilities of 1100AD, it is also a great free online game for those who like building or construction games, like Sim City and all of its spinoffs. The city building user interface is very in depth and offers a lot of important decisions, and there are players who do not engage in combat at all. These players typically make their fortunes by being master traders and playing the market.

Starting out in 1100AD

If you just started playing the battle game 1100AD, then you have a lot of learning to do in order to become the greatest player in the game. The first thing you need to think about is improving your resource flow, something that can be done by increasing the amount harvested and adding additional resource storage space.

Because this is an online game, there are various limits to what you can do that prevent you from being as strong as a veteran player right off the bat. You can always catch up later, and some of the top players are not people who started playing when the game was first released.

Moving up

As you move up in the 1100AD world, you will need to interact with other players more often. The most powerful empires came to power because of alliances and social activity. Do not forget that this is a free game, so there are endless amounts of players to interact with!