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Ghost Treasure cities on Koryo
People in different worlds always new that there is a mystery Ghost town somewhere out there. Legend has it that when a Hero finds it, he could receive mysterious artifacts hidden in the depth of town’s treasuries. But where is this secret place? What does it hold? And what fate awaits those brave enough to explore the abandoned streets of the hollow town?
Make haste, because the town will appear on the map only for several hours!
Merry Christmas and Happy New 2016 Year!
The brightest and merriest holiday approaches! 1100AD are inviting all the players to take a dive into the festive atmosphere, join the winter celebration and pass it with their families!
We should like to wish all the players the Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year. May the coming year bring you achievements and good health as well as unforgettable adventures, resounding battles and new encounters! Thank you all for having been with us so far and going to be in the coming year, too.
And in order to properly celebrate the upcoming holidays, we have prepared something special for you: NEW ARTIFACTS, PRESENTS, HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS and more...
Koryo - Rise of Empire
The historical server Koryo begins its history with a blank leaf today. On this revival, the residents of the servers Aquitaine and Facebook are joining it.
Capture new lands, arrange your feuds, divide and conquer!
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Outremer - Fresh Start
Congratulations to all Outremer players with new start!
Halloween 2015
Dear friends!
The ancient holiday of Halloween is coming to the World of 1100AD very soon.
Ahead of the great celebration we are opening the festive week and we are doing so today!
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