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October Discounts!
Hurry up! We prepared SPECIAL OFFER for you and DISCOUNTS in our Game shop!
Also, the game was received small update:
- was increased amount limit of arriving mercenaries in the castle;
- now you can build two lighthouses per account.
Build 2_69
The game has received another update and the patch notes are available here.
Get special prizes!
We congratulate all the winners by awarding them the wonderful prizes!
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Knowledge Day 2015!
The autumn is coming and with it does the Knowledge Day, the upmost of the holidays.
We all went to school; somebody is a student and somebody is teaching already now.
The 1100AD Team congratulate everyone on the occasion of the autumn’s first holiday – the Knowledge Day!
You will be into hot offers, campaigns and discounts for a fortnight on end!

Fresh Start
New adventures await inhabitants of NewWorld and Livonian servers!

Very soon – on the 19th of August, 2015 you will have a great opportunity to start your conquest anew on the updated Livonian Order server! All that you’ve gained on your servers: trustful heroes, artifacts, rare buildings, conquered towns, constructed forts and locations will be compensated in gold and diamonds! Compensation details will be available when entering the new server.

When entering the new server each player will receive starting battle set, consisting of artifacts, soldiers, heroes, buildings, resources and tokens!