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Summer Solstice 2018!
The summer solstice day is the lightest day of the year, for it is on this day, only once a year, that we can spend the shortest night sitting by the fire among our family, friends or just acquaintances.

The 1100AD team sincerely congratulates all players on the upcoming Holiday and wishes that peace and love reign in your families and hearts.
In honor of this holiday - starting from June 20 until July 12, you will receive new items, promotions, games and special offers will be available in the game!

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Replenish the stock of coins!
The summer solstice is approaching and people are already looking forward to the fairs and the exchange of ringing coins for nice and useful things.
Collect coins in any locations - everything will go into business - bronze, silver, gold or ancient coins.

Do not forget that the best player on the server, for collecting coins, will get a special reward!
Spring Holidays!
The thermometer is slowly but surely rising up, which means soon it will be sunny and life seems to be settling. The spring holidays begin! From 27th of April to May 10th, discounts, promotions and, of course, festive changes will be available in the game!
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Spring Mood
Spring is in full swing!
Birds sing, buds turn green, the sun shines - which means life is getting better!
In order to share this wonderful spring mood with you, we offer you a small competition!
Who will dig out the biggest amount of White Knights Spears- will receive valuable prizes! Look for temporary locations, and Spears in them!
We wish you growth and progressive construction, but do not forget that the maximum number of cities in the game is 99.
Holiday update!
The holiday continues!

1) We increased the chances of dropping composite artifacts for the mini-game "Easter Bunny", the same artifacts were added to the drop locations Burned village and Misty Mine.
2) The number of appearance of temporary locations is increased (Trade Fair, Wrecked Trade Wagon, Dense Forest and War Camp).
3) Fixed a bug with the auction on the server GoldRush.
4) The Citadel's bug is fixed, it again gives the bonus on the sea points.