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Merry Christmas ans Happy New Year!
It’s time for the brightest and greatest holidays of them all! 1100AD invites everyone to enjoy holiday spirit and join the winter festivities among friends and family!

We wish you merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let the upcoming year bring you prosperity, health, new wonderful experiences, glorious battles and pleasant encounters! We express our deepest gratitude to everyone who was with us till now and will be next year as well!

And in order to properly celebrate the upcoming holidays, we have prepared something special for you: NEW LOCATION, NEW UNITS, NEW ARTIFACTS, PRESENTS, HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS and more...
Tactic changes!
Dear Players,
tomorrow temporary would be introduced tactic changes, read more at forum: read more at forum
Knight Battle Completed!
Every day, shoulder to shoulder, the knights pressed on and on rebuilding their broad acres, gathering armies and tearing down everyone in their paths!

Thanks, everyone who has taken part in this, who has stood to the last and who has been clipping the enemies off captures through sleepless nights!

And now, it is time to sum it all up!
New map on Kingdom of Bohemia
Congratulations to Kingdom of Bohemia players with new map!

All valleys are transferred to the new map “as is” - in form of a square with all players' properties remaining intact. Valley arrangement on the new map will be random. The only thing that you will need to conquer again are fortresses. Players that had fortresses on the previous map will receive compensation in gold and diamonds.
Special Offer in 1100AD
In 1100AD starting happy hours! All players can receive a 20% bonus with each gold purchase!

Bonus will be available starting from 12:00 (server time) 26th of November and will end on 12:00 (server time) 1st of December.

Important! Bonus doesn’t apply to SMS purchases.