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Update 2_92. Long live to King!
For centuries the person who sits on the throne and rule the land decide the fate of their subjects ! In the world of 1100AD now it also became possible ! Now kings can download special skills that affect both themselves and to the whole nation ! However, this update will be available on Outremer and Koryo servers.
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P.S. beware of updated mobs at permanent adventure huts!
Battle Server finished!
Thank all for participation!
All players got prizes. List of winners
Battle server prolonged for 2 days!
Battle server prolonged for 2 days (if castle not captured earlier)!

Don't forget to select your main server on Knight Battle!
Knight Tournament will start 01.08
Ladies and Gentlemen!

On Monday (01.08), we will open the opportunity for all players to capture the unique location and become the winner of the Knight’s Battle Server!

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Update 2_91
Livonia, Beta and Bohemia have changes in the game tactics. On the server data transferred tactics Korean server, since it is a tactic to minimize hang-up games for large battles. All soldiers now have a single attack speed, some of the soldiers are also changes in their characteristics.