Medieval Game

Whether you're gaming on a PC or Mac, 1100AD promises to take you on a medieval 3d adventure without any installation necessary. Perhaps best of all, to play 1100AD you'll only need your browser. Medieval game 1100AD also has many features that make it different from a normal role-playing game and catapults (or should we say “trebuchets”?) this free online game into the realm of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG). You'll be able to wage war with real life competition; click “play now” to start your kingdom and building your army.

Medieval War

Some of the best elements of medieval game 1100AD are the unique adventures you can embark on, like Adventure Huts and a Quest for the Holy Grail. The multiplayer emphasis is still there, but adventures will introduce you to a rich, 3d world with a strong storytelling element. The adventures can also help newbies catch up before they go to war with seasoned veterans. Adventure Huts promise escapades like Blackrock Castle, Barbarian Settlement, and the Druid Temple, but if you're craving matching wits then the 1100AD's multiplayer adventures will likely be your favorites.

Each server on medieval game 1100AD has one Citadel, which resembles a gladiator's arena. Members of the citadel owner's clan can apply for prime spots, and this arena-like feature is new among MMORPGs. Contestants have the chance to bring back 100,000 mercenary points for their whole clan and artifacts each day for clan members. Citadels and artifacts form part of the storytelling element that offers unique adventures that many other free online games don't provide.

The reviews are in: 1100AD is one of the best new online games, and best of all, it's totally free. Click “play now” and start on an adventure through this online world of Clans, mercenaries, and holy grail quests.