Hire unique units easier!
Dear players!
We want to share the great news!
Now in the Trelleborg building and Tower, you can hire unique units that give lost cities, white cities, and historical cities.
Also in the fountain there is an opportunity to hire a defender of the fortress!

In order to have such opportunity, Trelleborg and the Tower need to be - 24th level, and the Fountain - 20th level.

Please note that all hiring is subject to current regulations. Therefore, in order to hire a defender of a fortress in a fountain, you need to own a fortress;
To hire a white knight - own a white city, etc.
Hiring units depends on the number of cities and fortresses a player has!
Fortresses for HOPE and EPIC!
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Finally, the time has come when you can, capturing the fortresses, take part in the battles for the regions of your server. Color the map in the colors of your nation!
To do this, in the temple you need to find a bookmark - investments in ruins - and invest resources in those ruins, under the influence of which your cities are located.
As soon as the investment scale is full, the ruins will turn into fortresses and you can go for the capture.
But that's not all. Each player can own only up to 4 fortresses (HOPE) or 1 fortress (EPIC)
Owning a fortress brings its advantages:
1. Hiring a unique unit - Defender of the fortress. Strong infantryman with one-time damage of 5000.
2. Tax the region or receive a percentage of production for researching locations in the entire region (the percentage depends on the level of the building)
3. The EPIC server have special conditions for fortresses - the fortresses will belong to the player until the moment the prize is awarded for the top once a month. On the day the prizes are awarded, all the fortresses will become neutral again.
4. Coloring a region in the colors of your nation (server).
5. A new order skill for fortress defenders will also be introduced soon.
6. Win prizes for capturing till 04.11! Check top for results!

The servers where the fortress has existed for a long time - the owners, hurry up to open the 6th level and hire soldiers!

Small changes for NEW HOPE server
1. increased HP for horse units of the nation.
2. The fortress increases the hire number of the horse units of the nation.
An unexpected find!
In the temple of Aphrodite and the Necropolis, archaeologists have found a very interesting draft! The draft of the ancient museum, using this draft in the Historical city, you can restore the very old museum. The museum has very rare and interesting exhibits, which tourists from all over the world gather to view. Every day, the owner of the museum will have the opportunity to collect income from the cash register.

Hurry up to find the drafts, and also do not miss the special offer of an exclusive city with two fountains and a museum of the 2nd level! 
To get it, you need to contact technical support and you will receive it within two working days (do not forget to specify the coordinates where you would like to install the city);
Also added discounts to castle levels 41-43, hurry to take advantage of this offer until 3.10!
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