Easter holidays in 1100AD
Team 1100AD sincerely congratulates you with the upcoming Easter and wishes you and your beloved ones peace, love and happiness now and forever.

And to celebrate this we've prepared for you special events, games and of course great discounts – all this available for the 2 whole weeks, from 16th to 30th of April! Read more at forum.
Incorrect server selection on Siege of Acre
Dear players! Tickets about incorrect server selection on Siege of Acre will only be accepted if your selection was made prior to 17:00 Riga time (14:00 server time) on 16th of April.
After the above specified time, a special confirmation message was added to the compensation menu that asks the player to confirm the action - in this case, all tickets will not be considered.
Choose wisely!
Attention, attention! If you had account on BOTH Outremer and Brittania servers, please note that when choosing the server for compensation you will receive the compensation on the other server and the corresponding account on the chosen server will be DELETED. So if you chose Outremer, you will receive a compensation to your account on Britannia and your Outremer account will be deleted, only Britannia account will remain.
Combining Outremer and Britannia servers
Starting on the 15 of April valiant British Knights will be able to travel to Holy Land not only by land, but also by sea.
Unification of both Outremer and Britannia servers opens up new possibilities for expansion to lands previously unreachable. Read more...
The Leprechauns' Green Coins Can Be Exchanged Again
Just as we promised, the goods are again available in the game shop for the leprechauns' green coins.

We have completed the Livonian Order Server's transfer to the new map. The players are getting to know the new world and the new opportunities. We wish them victorious battles in the vast expanse of their new world.

Also, because of the closure of the servers West and Die Eroberung Amerikas, their players moving to other servers will get, by way of compensation, not only gold and diamonds but also the city control points that they used to have. So, if you see new players with many cities, you will know it's not a bug. Further, we would like to remind the esteemed players from West and Die Eroberung Amerikas that the compensations are available for 30 days.
Warlords, rally your troops!
We have a special event ready for you at this weekend, to learn more - visit our forums!
Buy Gold and get Resources!
Only from 24th of March at 14:00 (server time) to 31st of March at 14:00 (server time), by buying gold get resources for free! You can get up to 7 million resources! More Information on forum
Amber Games Charity Report!
Last Christmas a very special Christmas Lottery was held in 1100AD game. 20% of the lottery revenue was promised to be spend on charity.
Last week Amber Games has visited two orphanages in Riga.
Update 2_39: St.Patrick's Day!
The game has received another update and the patch notes are available here.
Spring - season of changes!
Spring has come, and first spring holidays are approaching. To celebrate international women day on March 8th we present you big game update. Of course, gifts will be given too - there is time for everything. Read more on forum.
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