Special Offer!
During october’s festivities also known as Halloween you will receive a 20% bonus with each gold purchase!

Bonus will be available starting from 12:00 (server time) 29th of October and will end on 12:00 (server time) 3nd of November.

Important! Bonus doesn’t apply to SMS purchases.
Halloween in 1100AD
In the end of October we celebrate this jolly (and creepy) festival - Halloween of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, falling leaves and trick-or-treats. Join us in festive activities we prepared for you!
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Give the good together!
Dear Players,

Here it is – the annual charitable campaign is over. Speaking on behalf of the 1100AD Project, we express our sincerest and immense gratitude to all of you for having taken part in our campaign – because it is only thanks to you, our players, that another Children’s Home is much brighter, more colourful and joyful now!

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Knight Battle in 1100AD!
Knights battle realm opens on October 7th, 2014 and will last for two month. First time in the history of the game, the players have a chance to become the one and only victor of the realm!

No allies and alliances, only competitors and only one conqueror, who will receive:
• Gold prize of 25000
• Diamond prize of 5000
• Unique building
• Lots of rare artifacts and other precious gifts

More info at forum!
Build 2_49
The game has received another update and the patch notes are available here.
2x diamonds!
Dear Players,
We have started the '2x diamonds' campaign to mark the Knowledge Day. The campaign will last until 12:00 on 1 September 2014.
Don't miss out on this one! Boost your warriors' knowledge in order to push on for new victories!
Knowledge day in 1100AD!
September is coming, and the Day of Knowledge with it. All of us went to school, someone is still studying in college or the university and some of us are even teaching.
The 1100AD Team would like to congratulate everyone with the first autumn celebration and has prepared different surprises for you, more about which you can find out on our forum!
Holidays in 1100AD
Dear warriors of earth 1100ad!
It is end of the August and the longest Conquest length of 24 days came to its finish. We congratulate all, who went on its difficult way and was able to overcome all the barriers.
Warlords, rally your troops!
Gisors castles will be available only for 48 hours.
Gather your heroes, strengthen your army - enemy is at hand!
Hurry up, because in these locations you can find more valuable artifacts!
1100AD Birthday!
Congratulations to all of our players!
You have our sincerest thank you for being with us and playing 1100AD. We will continue to do our best to make game more interesting and comfortable for you.
Also keep an eye for gifts in Kingdom Events section on the 30th of July.

Special event only one day for 30.07.2014:

1. Time for building walls (lakes) in the valley is shortened by 1 hour.

The following events are live until 08.08.2014:
1. Chance of winning Livonian Castle and Visborg Castle (on servers where it’s available) in lottery is increased .
2. Number of plays for daily lottery is increased to 5 per day.
3. Payment for refusing the city is twice as small.
4. Price for city transfer in valley is decreased.
5. Time for building/demolishing trees and mountains in the valley is decreased to 1 hour.
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