Unit recalculation for Outremer
On the Outremer server, the alliance soldiers were recalculated.
The initial historical soldier parameters were taken as a basis.

Also on all servers, new limits on Mercenary and Population point bonuses from the Citadel ownership will be applied.Changes will appear in the game after the next restart.
Halloween 2018
Halloween is a holiday that goes back to the traditions of the ancient Celts. Despite the fact that the holiday is dedicated to the dead - this holiday brings smiles, parties, masquerades and the joy for kids from full bags of sweets! 1100AD team congratulates all the players on this pumpkin holiday and wishes you all joy and happiness as well as to never forget your ancestors!

Fun fact: The name "Halloween" comes from the Scottish abbreviation of the English phrase "All-Hallows-Eve" - "the eve of All Saints Day."

In honor of the holiday from 10/30/2018 to 11/15/2018, you will find new products, contests, discounts and hot offers!

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Holiday House Exploring!
The promised change is already in the game!
Now the time of research of houses with coins, as well as the number of rewards depends on the level of locations! The change affects the houses in the population locations and mercenaries locations.
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