World Dream Day!
World Dream Day held on September 25th, is a global day of action dedicated to setting Dreams in motion.

World Dream Day has been established for the purpose of encouraging individuals, communities, businesses, schools, and families to take some time to concentrate on their dreams and make an effort to turn them into reality. You will find a lot of exciting resources and inspirational tools online to empower people to embark on the journey to make their dreams more than just a figment of their imagination. It’s time to go out there and get what we really want in our lives!

In honor of dreams we starting with a special promo offer - all purchases made from 25.09-27.09 23:59 on the next calendar day will receive as a bonus the same nominal promo+1 higher. For example, 1400 will receive 1400+3000.

NB! Locations belong only to initially purchased promo. In order to receive locations - please write to support with a detailed list of locations. Points should be free.
Octoberfest 2023
Octoberfest has a long history, dating back to 1810, when it celebrated the wedding of King Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Theresa of Saxe-Hildburghausen.
The festival was held on the Theresienwiese Fields, and this location is still used today.
The overall atmosphere of Oktoberfest is very festive and the event has become a symbol of Bavarian culture and brewing.

In honor of the holiday from September 20 to October 5, 2023, there will be new products, contests, discounts, and hot offers!

We also announce a festive lottery among all purchases made from September 20th to September 30th at 23:59. The main prize on each server will be the Golden Globe blueprint + a purchase worth 22k and a special Bonus Castle.

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Knowledge Day Blitz Lottery
There is nothing more beautiful in the world than learning new things, learning, reading and remembering wise lines for life!
1100AD administration congratulates you on the Day of Knowledge, on the day of wisdom and diligence! May there be an opportunity in your life to learn and acquire knowledge throughout your life! Let your mind never refuse new knowledge, but always strive for knowledge and wisdom!

We announcing the Knowledge Day Blitz Lottery to make this day special.

The lottery will be active for the period from 31.08-03.09 23:59:59.
Planned time of the draw and publication of the video - 06.09 17:00

3000 gold purchase will have 1 lottery ticket, get automatically bonus promo next day - 3000+1400+700

1400 gold purchase will have 1 lottery ticket, get automatically bonus promo the next day - 1400+700+200

Each player can maximally have 2 participation tickets - one for 3000 and another for 1400 purchase

Exclusive lottery prizes per server:

Balcanica - 3 main winners will get 25000 promo with Sylvan Castles and can change alliance units if desired;
Romanica,Otton - 3 main winners will get 25000 promo with Sylvan Castles and a complete new Owl Legendary equipment set;
Hope - 3 main winners will get all available promos, Manzanares City, Sylvan Castle and legendary equipment set by own choice;
Aragon - 1 main winner will get 25000 promo with Sylvan Castles and ready built fort with water and quest locations in the chosen region;
Epic - 3 main winners will get 25000 promo with Sylvan Castles.

Another promo nominals will be also drawn as prizes.

Hurry up!
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