Mother's Day!
Honoring a woman-mother has a long history.
Mother's Day comes from the ancient Greek cult of the mother.

In some countries, there is a tradition to wear a carnation flower on clothes on this day.
Moreover, color matters, so a colored carnation says that a person’s mother is alive, and white flowers are pinned to clothes in memory of mothers in heaven.

We also congratulate all mothers, including future ones, on this holiday!
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Light Up Garden!
The Heralds have the honor to inform you of the following news:
In honour of the King Charles III coronation event all garden lanterns in city parks should be arranged with flowers.

Here is some suggestions for flower selection - lily of valley - signifying purity, joy, love, sincerity, happiness and luck; winter aconite - symbolize hope, rebirth, and new beginnings to some people and bloodroot - promoting harmony with extended family members.
Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
May Holidays 2023!
In most European languages, the name of the month of May corresponds to the Hellenic-Greco-Roman tradition, which later adopted
the entire Roman periphery.
In Czech, May is květen, which means “blooming”. In Ukrainian, Belarusian and Old Russian - травень, "herbal".
In Croatian May - svibanj, got its name from the dogwood plant (sviba, Cornus sanguinea), which is covered with white flowers at this time.
In Finnish, the month is called toukokuu, presumably from the words touko - "spring field work" and kuu - "month".
In Lithuanian, the month is called gegužė, from the word gegutė - "cuckoo"

The last month of spring begins to delight with the sun, warm weather and a variety of colors, in honor of this time - from May 2 to May 18,
new items, promotions, games and special offers are waiting for you!

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