Red Queen's Castle
Dear players! We present to your attention a new bonus location -
Salazen Grum or the Red Queens Castle.

All of us in childhood read the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" and now you have the opportunity to see the Wonderland with your own eyes and take in possession the Red Queen's Castle.
The castle is still available only for capture and requires a bonus point from the future owner. The castle amazes with its bright colors - there are red trees, whose crown has taken the shape of a heart, and rose bushes of blooming sakura and formidable statues of cards armed with pikes and axes to intimidate the enemy, a statue of Humpty Dumpty and the Magnificent Queen's Castle.

But this location keeps a secret. Only the owners of the Castle will be able to get into a new temporary location - Wonderland. In the Love Tree you will find a map, opening which will let you send a campaign.
Wonderland is insidious both for its beauty and its guards. However, the prize can make you forget about the danger - after all, there you can find a level 200 hero with a full set of current level 12 combat skills.

To other news:
1. Some buildings have received additional levels.

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Easter 2021!
The 1100AD team sincerely congratulates all players on the upcoming Easter holidays and wishes good and grace to your home on this bright and clean holiday. May your soul always be calm, above your head - a peaceful and clear sky, and next to it - reliable and loyal friends.

In honor of this holiday - from April 01 to April 22, new products, promotions, games and special offers are waiting for you!

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St. Patrick Day 2021
Dear players!
The snow, slowly melting, reveals what is hidden under the snowdrifts. And somewhere you can find leprechaun stashes. These little men are great hunters for gold and other treasures.
There is a legend according to which, if you collect a special trap, the leprechaun can be caught, and he will fulfill your most cherished desire.
And we invite you to participate in an exciting quest - "Trap for the leprechaun"! An unforgettable adventure awaits you with a very valuable prize.

The event will run until March 25th, when the opportunity to collect the trap will disappear.
Quests will be published at the forum every day, do not miss them!

The adventure has begun!

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