Knowledge Day 2023!
The long-awaited day has come - September 1, when the new school year begins. The 1100AD team wants to congratulate all schoolchildren, students, and their parents on this special moment!
May this year be full of inspiration for learning. We wish you ease in the educational process, a warm friendly atmosphere, and exciting events!
In honor of the start of the school season, we are launching special promotions and gifts. These events will run from 29 August to 14 September.

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Hope Server Relaunched!
Three powerful nations: the Teutonic Order, the Kingdom of Andalusia and the Mongol Empire are fighting with each other.

Very hard settings - advanced tactics, choose nation units, choose Equipment and fight for everything!
And here comes September!
The time for school lessons is just around the corner, and everyone thirsty for knowledge is looking forward to returning to the halls of learning.
It's also time for us to improve ourselves. The draft buildings have now been optimized.
The King has also commanded to put the armies in order, paying special attention to their quality, not quantity.
New levels have been added to the government buildings in the fortresses, giving them extra significance.

In celebration of this optimization, we are offering a special deal:
with any purchase amounting to 4000 gold during the next calendar day, a generous bonus of 3000 gold will be granted.
This offer is valid until August 30th, 23:59.

Let this time become a period of intensified learning and growth for every one of us!
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