May Blossom!
Dear players!

We have listened carefully to your numerous requests and are pleased to announce that now the avatar change will reset only the experience to 0 at the current level.
This will allow you to review your gaming strategy and start anew with a new appearance while preserving your achievements.

Additionally, we have revised the requirements for reaching the first 18 levels, taking into account your feedback and suggestions.
Now you can familiarize yourself with the updated conditions on our forum, as well as see the level table for a clearer representation of your progress in the game.

The lottery at level 60 now offers a unique prize - a black ticket!
Now you have a chance to test your luck and win incredible prizes by participating in the black section of the lottery.

May Blossom greets you with special surprises! The designers of our world are ready to delight you with unique locations as a bonus to your purchases!
For 6300, you will receive - Hackberry Folk, and for 3000 - Hackberry Lottery.

To receive locations, please contact technical support, providing a detailed list of coordinates for locations. Please note that free points must be available.

Thank you for your active participation in our gaming community, and remember that we always strive to make our adventure in the gaming world even more exciting and satisfying for all players. We look forward to your new feats and achievements!
Special May Holiday Bonus Offer
Special promo offer active till 06.05 23:59 server time:

- buy 4000 and get as bonus 4000/1400/700/200
- buy 6300, get as bonus 3000/1400/700/200 and get 30th lvl May Polis

- buy 7500 or higher,get as bonus +4000/3000/1400 and get Seashore 60th lvl Pharmacy

Bonuses will be issued on the next calendar day after the purchase.
To receive locations, please contact technical support with a detailed list of locations.
Remember that there should be free points for locations.

Do net forget about holiday lottery among all purchases made during the period from April 18th to May 6th 23:59 with main prize of special Hellenic Polis!

1. Old Overlord and Dragon sets could be activated at Avatar lvl 2. Bonuses of those sets recalculated as cometing against Novice artifacts.
2. Special Quest - Enhance Avatar available for experience gaining.
3. Exchanger available in Diamond Shop.
May Holidays 2024!
May Day is a European festival of ancient origins marking the beginning of summer, usually celebrated on 1 May, around halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice.Festivities may also be held the night before, known as May Eve.
Traditions often include gathering wildflowers and green branches, weaving floral garlands, crowning a May Queen (sometimes with a male companion), and setting up a Maypole, May Tree or May Bush, around which people dance. Bonfires are also part of the festival in some regions.

The last month of spring begins to delight with the sun, warm weather and a variety of colors, in honor of this time - from May 1 to May 16,
new items, promotions, games and special offers are waiting for you!

Avatar Level System Changes
Avatar level now is visible on Avatar screen only. Experience for avatar could be found as prize for boss killing, quest prize and reward for top. Avatar type change will RESET all avatar experience to 0!

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