Hello January!
Winter is in full swing and snowflakes continue to swirl for another week. While everyone was resting, the masters worked hard and created a masterpiece - Silver Castle.
To improve it, you need a Silver Iris, look for it in locations.

- The maximum number of bonus points is 36.
- Increased personal vassalage limit.
- All gold and diamond chests are now in the VIII section of artifacts.
Blitz 4 Lottery Results
Congratulations to the winners!

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New Year is getting closer
While we continue to wait for the New Year, let tell you about Hohenwerfen Castle.
Hohenwerfen Castle (German: Festung Hohenwerfen, "Hohenwerfen Fortress") is a medieval rock castle, situated on a 623-metre precipice overlooking the Austrian market town of Werfen in the Salzach valley, approximately 40 kilometres south of Salzburg.
The fortress is surrounded by the Berchtesgaden Alps and the adjacent Tennen Mountains. Hohenwerfen is a "sister" of Hohensalzburg Fortress, both built by the Archbishops of Salzburg in the 11th century.
The fortification was built between 1075 and 1078 at the behest of Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg during the Imperial Investiture Controversy, meant as a strategic bulwark atop a 155-metre high rock.

This beautiful castle combines forest huntresses and the Santiago knights. You can capture it or get permission to build it by winning cross-server tops.

The last Blitz Lottery of December will take place from 29.12 to 4.01, such lotteries will not be held until spring.
Another good news is that the limit of mercenary points has been increased to 410.
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