8 March 2021
When winter waves goodbye to us, spring comes! And the month of March, together with the sun's rays, gives its wonderful holiday - International Women's Day! We wish you incredible luck, tremendous success, sincere smiles, magical mood and unforgettable memories! And also good news and wonderful events!

And by the way, about wonderful events:
1.With the arrival of spring at 1100ad, the snow melted
2. In cities, you can build a flower bed with tulips. This will require a certain level of the castle and of course tulips.
3. Unfortunately, the Snow Queen took all the flowers of our kingdom so that we would not rejoice in the spring. Therefore, you will have to go to quest locations and collect new flowers to please the beautiful ladies with bouquets. The best collectors will be rewarded not only with cute smiles and admiring glances of beautiful ladies, but also with a valuable prize. The competition will be available until 13.03.
4. A special gift is available in the gift shop that can also be sent as a token of appreciation. Offer is available only with possession of bought gold.
St. Valentine's Day 2021
Winter is slowly receding and mid-February is already on the calendar, which means that Valentine's Day is approaching - the day of everyone in love.

To pay tribute to this legend, a loving heart will appear in all cities, which will bring a gift every 12 hours.

Skillful blacksmiths also forged copper roses, which are necessary to decorate the Queen's Winter Residence. Unfortunately, evil thieves have stolen the flowers and now you have to collect them in order to raise the Winter Residence to a new level.

The love that is in the air these days intoxicates the brave heads of the knights who are ready for anything, even to take part in a fight. The tavern opens its doors to all willing heroes to compete in fistfights.
The total points limit for the hero's participation is 182000.

Adventure seekers and lovers of quiet hunting can take part in the Cupid competition. The little angel scattered his arrows, wings, quiver and other attributes across the temporary quest locations.

This competition also announces a mid-server competition with a valuable prize for the top 20 players.
And the top 3 mid-servers will receive a bonus point.

In the gift shop you can also find a special valentine.
Epic Contest!
There is a month left before the end of winter, and it is time to get out of hibernation, showing your strength and power!
We invite you to prove yourself on the Epic server. Until 11.02 there you can take part in the capture of fortresses for desperate warriors. Lovers of quiet hunting can take part in a competition to collect artifacts and gold and assemble a winter collection. Remember that prizes for corresponding Tops come to the main server.
This time, the main prize of the Winter Collection is a special hero and a set of drafts for unique buildings new levels.

We are also announcing a special promotion until 31.01. 23:59. - any purchased promo on Epic will be credited to the player's main server on the next calendar day.
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