Blossom Time!
Dear players!
A lilac has blossomed and the long-awaited summer finally came! Our King did not spare gold on gifts to beautiful ladies this spring and the treasury quickly became empty. Therefore, he announced to the valiant knights of the EPIC server the collection of gold from local residents. The gold collection will last until 08/06/2020. and until the last minute of the prize granting.
The king also announced a special promotion: when you buy any promo with a value of 1100, players get a 5100 promotion as a bonus, and when buying a package for 2400 - a bonus promotion for 11000. The offer is valid for purchases made before 31/05/2020 23:59. The bonus will be issued on 01/06/2020 automatically. Each player can get 1 bonus for buying a package of 1100 and 1 bonus for buying a package of 2400.
Changes on the OTTON and ROMANICA servers - in locations you can find the Bow, the Hammer and the Staff from the Lionheart set.
On the ROMANICA server, the citadel schedule has been changed. Details in the forum.
May is one of the most beautiful months of the year, everything starts to turn green, the flowers bloom, outside is getting warmer, and the sun is shining!
At this wonderful time, we have new entertainment prepared for you!
May holidays begin on April 30th and end on May 14!

After combining the servers, on the Epic server, 2 new orders of Balcanica and Romanica have appeared, which are divided into 3 Orders - Western, Middle, and Eastern.
When you enter the Epic server, you need to choose your main server, where you will receive prizes, and then select the order.
Players who were originally in the Otton or Aragon Order will automatically be assigned the server, where they are a member of the order.

Both contests - Ancient Coin collecting and GOLD FINDER are held ONLY on the Epic server, followed by the issuance of prizes to your main server!

Good luck in the competition and take care!
Easter 2020!
Today, the world is facing a terrible pandemic. In this regard, such human values ​​as caring for one's neighbor, love and faith come to the fore. And very soon, millions of believers around the world will celebrate the Easter Sunday of Christ. This is a celebration of philanthropy, when we forget about toughening and bitterness in our souls, when we unite with our families and friends in order to give each other a piece of light, warmth and kindness, which are now needed for everyone!

The 1100AD team sincerely congratulates all the players on the upcoming Easter holidays and wishes that peace, love and good reign in your families and hearts.
In honor of this holiday - from April 8 to April 30, you will find new items, promotions, mini-games and special offers in the game!

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NB! EPIC server is closed for some time, to give equal abilities for contests for everyone!
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