Black Earl Event
Kingdom guards have discovered the habitat of the black master "Black_Earl".
Go on a treasure hunt and those heroic fighters who will successfully capture the city within 7 days until next Friday 19.12.2019 - 12:00 server time will receive incentive prizes. Prizes will be issued automatically.
Halloween 2019!
Halloween is a holiday that goes back to the traditions of the ancient Celts. Despite the fact that the holiday is dedicated to the dead - this holiday brings smiles, parties, masquerades and the joy for kids from full bags of sweets!

1100AD team congratulates all the players on this pumpkin holiday and wishes you all joy and happiness as well as to never forget your ancestors!

In honor of the holiday from 30.10.2019 to 14.11.2019 there will be new items, contests, discounts and hot offers!

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Hire unique units easier!
Dear players!
We want to share the great news!
Now in the Trelleborg building and Tower, you can hire unique units that give lost cities, white cities, and historical cities.
Also in the fountain there is an opportunity to hire a defender of the fortress!

In order to have such opportunity, Trelleborg and the Tower need to be - 24th level, and the Fountain - 20th level.

Please note that all hiring is subject to current regulations. Therefore, in order to hire a defender of a fortress in a fountain, you need to own a fortress;
To hire a white knight - own a white city, etc.
Hiring units depends on the number of cities and fortresses a player has!
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