Christmas 2020!
The outgoing 2020 was a very difficult year. And now everyone, holding their breath, are looking into the New Year and make wishes. At this time, everyone believes in a miracle: both children and adults!

We sincerely wish all our players a very bright Christmas and a happy New Year! May the new year bring you and your loved ones health, happiness and fulfillment of desires, may in the new year you have unforgettable adventures, brave battles and new acquaintances!

Thanks to all the players who were and will be with us! Thank you for being!

And we invite all players to plunge into the festive atmosphere, join the winter celebrations, get ready for the new year and celebrate it properly!

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Winter time!
Dear players!
Winter is more and more asserting its rights and all active players are looking for notes! The luckiest ones can already start looking for upgrade skills in military camps for their new hero. We wish the rest of you good luck.

1. Added new levels of development for the Clan castle and Sundial.
2. Fixed reputation donation.

As Christmas Eve is approaching, we are announcing a lottery.
It involves all purchases made from 10.12.2020 to 21.12.2020 at 23:59. The prize pool includes different offers, as well as the main prize, where the luckiest player will get: a bonus point and a special location - Hoarfrost Castle.

The lottery draw for each server will be filmed and posted on the forum!

Christmas is the time to believe in miracles!
Quest of 21 Notes
Snowflakes are slowly falling outside the windows, and the air smells of tangerines and conifers, which means that it's time to prepare for New Year's miracles.
We again invite you to participate in an exciting quest - 21 notes! An unforgettable adventure awaits you with a very valuable prize.
This time the prize includes: a unique hero with new skills, a new crown, which gives the opportunity to get the 14th city possession point and a bonus point, which is necessary to get the valuable in-game property, like the Dark Mansion and many other valuable and pleasant things.
But remember: the main thing in a treasure hunt is every man for himself!

How to take part in the quest? Everything is very simple - Look into the house decorated with New Year's garlands. And where to find this house - snowflakes will tell you.

The event will run until December 21, when the ability to collect notes will disappear.

The adventure has begun!

P.S. All draft buildings can be upgraded to 37th level , fountains have received + 3 levels.
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