Harvest Time!
On the upcoming fall eve, we invite you to take part in the competition to collect ancient coins.
In each city, location, quest located outside the contour, you can find a special house, by exploring which you can obtain ancient coins.
The higher the level of the location, the longer the research will take, but the higher the reward will be.
We will run a special Top.
Top 10 players will receive quite valuable prizes!

The competition will last until 29.08.2020.

Other changes:
1. Now it is possible to raise lighthouses to level 35
2. The resource location limit is increased to 80

Special offer:
By purchasing a special offer for 3500, you get an exclusive mine with 2 fountains and 2 sundials.
Boost your heroes!
While storms are raging outside the window, we have time to make our heroes stronger.
We are in a hurry to announce the good news, now the hero's strength and attack can be pumped up to 40,000/40,000!

This week's special offer:
make a purchase for 5100 gold on the main server and get an offer for 1100 gold on the Epic server, as well as 500 regular and premium collectible chests as a gift!
The bonus will be received automatically the next working day after purchase!
Hot summer - hot battles!
Dear players!

We invite you to take part in the battles on the Epic server till 30.07..
And to add more interest - we announce the prize Tops:
1. Found artifacts
2. Mob killing
3. Collection of ancient coins
4. Captured fortresses
5. Collected gold
and, of course, the collection of the LIGO summer collection

For each top you will receive prizes on the main server, and for collecting the Summer Collection, on the main server, you can get not only a hero, but also another crystal mine!

Purchase a special promo and obtain the dark temple and an exclusive diamond mine!
To receive locations, you need to contact Technical Support.

ATTENTION! The number of installed resource locations should not exceed the established limit of 76!
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