Limit increased!
Due to multiple requests Mercenary point limit increased up to 2600 points!
Easter 2019
Very soon, the brightest holiday of the year, Easter, will knock on our doors and windows.

The bright resurrection of Christ is a celebration of humanity, when we forget about violence and bitterness in our souls, when we unite with our families and friends in order to give each other a piece of light, warmth, and kindness.

1100AD team heartily congratulates all players on the upcoming Easter holidays and wishes that peace, love, and prosperity always reign in your families and hearts.
In honor of this holiday - from April 18 until May 2, you will find new items, promotions, mini-games and special offers in the game!

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Do not miss additional discounts!
While participating in competitions on the Epic server, do not forget about your main servers and armies!
For this, we have amazing discounts until April 18, do not miss the opportunity to get them!

1. The time of the mark tower construction has been changed, now it is 2 hours (until April 18);
2. Fixed artifact - Guardian Axe (for Epic server);[
3. Fixed Dock, now it gives mercenary points as it should.

* We remind you that the North archer, the North hunter and the Nymphs will be available only until May 1st.

We also want to thank everyone for their help in cleaning the servers from empty cities! Top Castle Destroyer will be closed permanently on April 13th.
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