World Blood Donor Day
Every year on June 14, organizations all around the globe celebrate World Blood Donor Day.

An event that raises awareness to the importance that donating blood means to the health industry, as the range of uses is way more diverse than anyone thinks. From plasma treatments to research and emergency uses, donating blood has been an important cornerstone that has aided the world on several occasions.

In honor of all donors, we announce a special promo - all purchases made in the period from 14.06-18.06 23:59 in the next calendar day will receive a nominal +1 bigger as a gift.
For example, purchasing of 700 gold will give 1400 bonus next day.
Summer Updates: Castle Enhancements!
In anticipation of the summer solstice, the king has issued a decree to improve the castles and expand the resourceful and bonus locations!
Additionally, brave warriors on the Epic server can now collect a unique summer collection of flowers!

And on warm summer nights, we invite you to immerse yourself in the story of Reinfridus of the Mountain, a captivating historical legend.
Visit the forum to read it and start a quest to find the lost artifact.

Embark on thrilling summer adventures in the world of 1100AD!
IIHF - Latvia wins a historic bronze medal at the ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!
State holiday today!
Let's celebrate!

All purchases for yesterday & today got +1 bigger nominal also!
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