Hello Winter!
Dear players!
Winter has finally arrived! Along with her arrival, according to tradition, in 1100AD, snow fell, covering the buildings with beautiful snow caps, and the windows with frosty patterns!

On cold winter evenings it is so pleasant to drink tea with family and friends, serving a festive gingerbread as a treat.
We invite you to take part in its baking. The best baker will receive valuable prizes. And of course the filling of the gingerbread will delight novice confectioners.

We are also introducing special promotions for the purchase of promotional packages.
when buying a package with a value of 2400 - you can put 2 Kailasa Temples in the place you want;
when buying a package with a value of 3500 - you can put it in the desired place a Special resource location;
when buying a package with a value of 5100 - you can get the Black Queen's Castle!

All locations are set to the player after writing a ticket to Technical support and the player needs to have free points to own this location.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to please your loved one. When you buy a package for 2400, you, by writing a ticket to technical support, can send a gift in the form of a promo package for 1100 to your friend simply by indicating his nickname in the message. But be careful, technical support carefully checks the recipients.

Let's greet winter together in a circle of loved ones!
Special Promotion
We have withstood the invasion of witches! While flying away, they took mini-games with them, but left the opportunity to collect a terrible collection and their book of spells. The king will only allow this to be done until 25.11.
In addition, Baba Yaga gives her hut to be captured for the most courageous and courageous players. Attention, to capture the bonus location Baba Yagas Hut, a free bonus point is required.

Other news:
1. Added levels to the skill tree.
2. A special promotion when purchasing a package of 3500 and above you will receive the Hoarfrost castle. To do this, you need to write to technical support and have a free bonus point.
3. On November 18, Latvia celebrates Independence Day. In addition to gifts from the Administration, a special promotion awaits us - by buying promo packages, you also receive all the denominations below the purchased package. The promotion is valid only till 18.11, 21:59 server time.
Book of Spells
Witches! From this word, many face expressions change from undisguised skepticism to genuine horror. But be that as it may, it was to them that an interesting message was sent scribbled on a stone tile in the dungeon of one of the castles.
Well, this is not the first time I have been involved in adventures, and this time I will solve the entertaining story of the book of spells to the end.
Do you believe in witches and their curses, and how far are you willing to go?
The path will be thorny, and many will not reach the final. But the sweeter will be the victory deserved in this adventure.

How to take part in the quest? Judging by the hint left, the search should begin where, according to legend, magical rituals were performed. And I know one suitable place. But the one who disturbed the peace of the witches, witches will persecute in dreams and in reality. The choice is yours!

P.S. Subsequent assignments will be posted on the forum!. Do not miss.

The event will last until November 17, when the opportunity to collect a valuable artifact will disappear.

The adventure has begun!
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