Contest - A wandering merchant!
On the Epic server a wandering merchant has appeared!
Until August 22, 8:00 (server time), he must replenish his supplies with gift boxes, Fireweed elixirs and Inspiration elixirs.
The 100 players who will collect the most of these artifacts will receive special gifts from the merchant which will give a bonus to the city on their main server. Do not miss your chance!
1100AD birthday!
Celebrating the foundation day together!

Our 1100AD team heartily congratulates all the players on the occasion of the game Birthday!
We want to thank you for all these 11 years you are with us!
In honor of the birthday - from July 25 until 1 of August, you can find new things, items, and mini-games! Discounts, as well as special offers, will be available up until 8.08!


In all cities outside the contour, where there is a piece of sand or grass, gift houses will appear. Such houses can be explored and you will be able to obtain from 1 to 15 (on the Epic server up to 50) ancient coins, as well as rare chests, a box with a gift or a rare scroll that can conceal the rarest drafts.
The number of the player collected coins can be seen in the statistics, where the top-10 best and most active coin collectors will receive valuable prizes at the end of the holiday.
Collected ancient coins can be exchanged in the exchanger through the store menu.

For each player and for each Order, statistics on the collection are kept and at the end of the holidays TOP 10 best players and TOP 10 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes.
* In the TOP among Orders, all knights of the Order will receive prizes.

A new set of permanent artifacts will appear on all servers:
Roland's Sword, Roland's Shield, Roland's Bow, Roland's Mail, Roland’s Helmet, Roland's Gloves, and Roland's Ring.
These artifacts can strengthen your army, but be careful, read the information carefully before use.

Collect your best heroes (total limit of 10,000 points of attack and defense) and send them to the battle for the victory! The more victories you have, the more points, which means the more valuable prizes you can get. At the end of the holiday, the best TOP 10 fighters will be awarded prizes. You can see your statistics in the annals.
We remind you that 25 fights are provided for free and 20 more fights can be purchased for gold.

For each Order, there is also a counter for victories in the tavern, and at the end of the holidays TOP 5 best Orders * will receive valuable prizes.

In this game, we also assign a mid-server contest! Top 20 best players among all servers will receive grand prizes.

Do not miss the festive events in the game:
July 30 in honor of the Foundation day, everyone can expect pleasant gifts. Do not forget to look into the holiday tree.

During the holidays in the game store, you can find items at low prices, as well as amazing offers and bonuses.

On all servers except the NEW HOPE server, the draft buildings can be raised to + 2 levels.
Win contest at EPic and boost your city on main server!
Until 25.07 only on the Epic server, there is a special event "Soldier of Fortune".
Valuable prizes are waiting for all players who fall into the Top-100. Explore locations and fins as many 1100AD Medals as possible!
Unique artifacts, giving a bonus to the city, chests and other useful things for combat servers, that are usually very difficult to get, are waiting for you.
P.S. Prizes for the Top will be issued to the main combat server.

New location!
A new location appeared in our world - a dead city called Dargavs! This location will be permanent! This location can be enclosed in contour, and also will be played as one of the lottery prizes. Therefore, the lottery is extended until tomorrow morning (19/07/2019 8:00 Server time) and all of you who haven't had a chance yet to take a part in the lottery, as well as those who want to raise their chances of winning, still have some time left to do it!

On the Epic server, you can develop the number of cities up to a 4.
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