Participate in contests, strive upwards and become a winner!
Dear players!
Meet the new building - The Monument to the great Warrior.
This monument is a reward for players who have reached certain heights in festive contests!

In addition, enhanced artifacts will come as a reward to the owners of the citadel. We ask you to be careful - if there will be no place for the artifacts in the storage of the Order, they will be sent to the Order master and he will not be able to transfer them to the order!

Other changes
1. Order masters, advisers, and marshals receive a special badge in the chat rooms!
Time to crush crystals!
Accumulate game points till 10.01 and get super prizes! The more games, the more valuable the prizes.
And do not miss Cross-server contest!

The Monument of the Great Warrior waiting for owners!

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Christmas time 2018!
We sincerely wish all our players a very bright Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May the new year bring you and your loved ones health, happiness and fulfillment of all of your wishes, may the new year have unforgettable adventures, brave battles, and new acquaintances!

We invite all players to plunge into the festive atmosphere, join the winter celebrations, sendoff the outgoing year and celebrate the new year as it should! The holiday will be held in several stages, the first part is now, and the second one will come out closer to the New Year! Follow the news.

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