Winter is here!
So the winter time has come, everyone is slowly beginning to prepare for the Christmas and New Year holidays.
So it is time to decorate your home with a Christmas tree.

New Top "Artifact Collectors" is open!
At the end of which the Top 20 players will receive great prizes.
Upgrade of population locations!
Population locations can now be developed up to level 10.
The type of location can be converted only on 3rd level. For example, if you improve the Village by 4th level and more, then it will always remain a Village. If you want to convert a Village into a City, it must be level 3!

On the servers: OUTREMER, LIVONIAN, EURASIA, BETA, GRAIL and BOHEMIA, Population locations will be automatically merged into the location of the 10th level. If you have any problems, please contact support.

There is also a restriction on obtaining the maximum amount of bonus from the Citadel Order Skills.
Unit recalculation for Outremer
On the Outremer server, the alliance soldiers were recalculated.
The initial historical soldier parameters were taken as a basis.

Also on all servers, new limits on Mercenary and Population point bonuses from the Citadel ownership will be applied.Changes will appear in the game after the next restart.
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