Midsummer Lottery!
It is already the middle of the summer and we have prepared some new changes for you!

1. On all servers except New Hope, the 15th location level appeared;
2. New drafts have appeared in the blacksmith, and sections have become collapsible;
3. In the treasury, you can now delete the artifacts! You can delete one by one or the entire cell at once, but be careful, the removed artifacts are non-refundable;
4. According to numerous player requests - the exchanger is extended to 18.07;

5.SUPER lottery - in the period of 11-18 of July, buying gold of 1100 or more, you participate in the lottery! In the lottery you can win special valuable prizes - a bonus from the purchase with the same nominal value; prize city with two fountains and bonus points; your own oasis with lakes; a special artifact that increases the bonus of mercenary and population points in the city that you activate it in; set location or a set of chests, as well as other valuable artifacts and gifts!

One player in the lottery can participate an unlimited number of times!
In case of winning your purchase, you will receive a letter in the game.
The Nomad Camp!
1. Fixed lottery.
2. On the New Hope server, the process of getting the hero experience was fixed. Since the systems gave out too much experience to the heroes, the levels of the heroes were returned to their original state.

1. A new permanent location appeared in the valley - the Nomad Camp;
2. Buying a 5100 gold offer you have the opportunity to get a personal Oasis. To get it, you need to contact technical support and you will receive it within two working days (do not forget to specify the coordinates where you would like to install the Oasis);
3. New recipes for drafts of the latest levels of the Artifact buildings have been added to the forge;
4. On the server New Hope - buying an offer, you will receive EXCLUSIVELY sales of the nominal that you buy.
Server New Hope
Dear players of Outremer, El Dorado and Koryo!

Finally, the long-awaited time of unification has arrived!
We present you a new server - NEW_HOPE.
Choose your alliance carefully!

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