Be prepared!
Holiday update and new server will be available tomorrow in morning!
Heroes should be alive!
Catch The Fire!
New contest! Who have prepared better for the holidays?

Dear knights and ladies!
Very soon the most important summer holidays will come to your cities and castles - Ligo!
And what you need to do so you will remember it for a whole year? And the answer is - well prepare for it! And what a holiday without drinks?
Till 20 of June take a part in a new contest - who will get more “Fireweed Potion” in locations!
10 best collectors on the server will traditionally receive prizes! And since you need a lot of drinks for these holidays, TOP10 results will be counting till time runs out in the TOP, when you will recieve the prizes for it.

In addition, the top 5 collectors from the Epic server and the top 10 collectors from all other servers (inter-server competition) will receive a unique city with a bonus of 50k mercenaries and 50k population.
(To get this city after the results will be published, you must write to technical support. The number of cities, after the installation of this city, cannot exceed 99. On the Epic server, the number of cities cannot exceed 4, including those received through promotions).

Some changes:
1. On all servers, locations that did not have a timer before their first exploration (such as: Temple of Aphrodite, Temple of Love, Necropolis, and the like) will now receive such a timer (including those that fall into the players forts).
2. El Dorado, Koryo and Outremer server - discounts activated for building locations and increasing castle levels. And there will more options for coins exchange to get chests.
New Potion!
Everything flows, time changes, and in some quest locations the mobs have been changed.

         Also in the temporary locations you can find a potion of Fire weed. Be careful, alcohol in its composition can slow down your movements.
         [b] Special offer until 31.05 [/ b] - buying an offer on the main server, you get an additional bonus on the EPIC server (the bonus will be added by the support team within two days).
         On the EPIC server, the prizes in the new Secret Treasures are changed.
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