Army Game

1100AD is one of the best and biggest online strategies games where you can lead an entire army – in addition, its also one of the most artistic and elaborate medieval simulations on the web. One of the best things that make 1100AD unique is that no download is required – here are some of the essential tips for getting you off the battlements and into the jousting tournament that is the massive online multiplayer game 1100AD.

Fans of Warcraft 2 and the original Starcraft will feel quite at home here in 1100AD, but no previous training with elves or xenomorphs is required. Before you warp through the space-time continuum by clicking on “play now,” though, let's get to know the ragtag band that comprises your army.

The Best Unit Descriptions on the Web

1100AD's intricate, elaborate, and thoughtful characters immerse users in a world unique in online gaming. Let's zoom in on one, your second-in-command, the Hero. Heroes are either yours for free or mercenaries, but they account for the strength of half the army! There are three types of heroes: free heroes wear emerald necklaces and won't charge to fight in your army to the death.

Conditionally free heroes wear topaz necklaces and join your army because of diamonds or special random events; upon their death, however, you will have to forevermore pay them gold in their afterlife. Totally mercenary heroes, who require a fee each day in gold, wear ruby necklaces. 1100AD's detailed descriptions of the gameplay experience and cool, graphic-novelesque illustrations make it unique to the web of online army games. And yes, there are trebuchets!

Immersive Gameplay

1100AD immerses players in a lavish environment that has smooth gameplay but also lots of different aspects, so that when two armies go head to head, individual troops' characteristics will clash, and mayhem as you attack will be unique every time. This shows the care and thoughtfulness of the developers; clicking to play this free game now won't disappoint.