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One of the greatest revelation any human being can have is as follows: happiness is only real when shared. Let that sink in for moment. Has it hit you yet? Truth be told, happiness is one of the most sought of traits in everyone's life, one that seems to transcend money, religion and, yes, even gaming. The point is this - Multiplayer games are popular because it allows gamers to share the gaming experience with each other, thus improving the experience. Look throughout gaming history and you'll see that the most popular games are the ones that have an immersive and strong Multiplayer experience.

One of the best free Multiplayer game is 1100AD. What exactly is this game? It is a browser based game that features players creating armies, castles and towns, and then pitting these enterprises against other players. Indeed, Multiplayer Game 1100AD is very much a strategy based game that involves alot of quiet thinking and not very much action. However, when the action does begin, it is fast-paced, immersive and rewarding.

Free Multiplayer Game 1100AD

The game is free. This can't be reiterated enough. In a day and age with so much money being invested into games - which translates into hire retail costs - a good and cool free game is hard to come by. Ultimately, this is what makes Multiplayer Game 1100AD such a good, massively immersive war game. Easily download the game with a flash player and you'll be on your way. Simple and easy.

You can search the Internet for as long as you wish looking for a good, free battle war game online and be hard-pressed to find one as good as Multiplayer Game 1100AD. The game is easy to learn and even easier to play.