Browser Game

Take history in a new direction with 1100AD the online browser game based in a parallel version of the middle ages. Get ready to experience the medieval world in a way never before witnessed in an online strategy game. In web browser game 1100AD you start with next to nothing and through trade and theft, strategy and online battle, you aim to build a settlement that will grow into a glorious city. This city could ultimately develop into a huge empire with you as its mighty warrior king.

Are you going to grow your empire through trade and diplomacy or theft and deceit? In this online multiplayer game you will have real alliances to make and real minds to out think when you are making these choices. Use your strategic thinking skills to make these decisions. Make the right choices and you will experience the progression of the small piece of land you begin with from an unknown settlement to a full blown civilization.

However, much you succeed through trade and diplomacy there is no escaping the oncoming war. As you gain power and wealth your enemies will notice what you have and they will want to take it from you, by force if necessary. The conquering hero you create must lead your armies into war in this real time battle game. You must build your armies and fortifications so you can defend your growing empire from these threats. Harness the force of your army to overcome your enemies and take their land and loot as your own and continue, unshaken, to the next level.

Gain experience through battle and strategy and use your experience to learn new, game changing, skills. Become more powerful so you can defeat your enemies and defend yourself against them with greater and greater mastery in this truly immersive and exciting online strategy game.

Whether you prefer war games or strategy games the AI feature of browser game 1100AD will allow you to focus on the parts of the game that you enjoy the most and automate those that are slowing you down. And because 1100AD is web browser game, you can continue playing this strategy war game wherever you can get connected.

Browser game 1100AD is a skilful, tactical and thought provoking strategy game. Get ready to experience the high octane and tremor inducing online war!