Combat Game

1100AD offers some of the best military combat gaming the online gaming industry has to offer. From an intricately structured army with over 50 different units to a wide range of multiplayer cooperation like chat boxes and forming alliances by joining clans, this cool free game provides plenty of medieval madness – and, you won't have to install anything on your computer.

Arms & Armor: Upgrade Your Ragtag band of Peasants to Swordsmen and Knights

1100AD offers several unique campaigns for multiplayer madness – along with other real people, you can embark on a crusade against Saladin's army attempting to recapture Jerusalem, or you can engage in massive multiplayer warfare through several different tournament-style options like citadelt (where you'll attack a beseiged citadel occupied by another player). Here's a look at some of 1100AD's features; when it comes to immersing players in a medieval world, other multiplayer strategy games don't even come close.

1100AD's simulation is augmented by many different options for arms & armor: your army is sure to benefit from a thoughtful mixture of Pikemen, swordsmen, archers, men-at-arms, and different cavalry units like knights and scouts. Without any armor and wielding a single axe, men-at-arms depend on the heavily-armored pikemen to protect them from cavalry, and keen commanders can send their legions of swordsmen with thick metal armor to confront archers, leaving men-at-arms to guard the trebuchets, whose single swinging arm inflicts the highest attack points of any unit.

A Renaissance Fair on Your Computer

While its easy to get caught up in the madness of combat with 20,000 other real people, building is also a cool aspect of 1100AD. In 1100AD, its possible to have an entire medieval village on your computer. And, since 1100AD doesn't install anything on your computer, this village won't fill up your hard disk.