Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newbie to the world of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), 1100AD offers a new, medieval twist to challenge your strategy — all within the browser, no download required! This is one of the best features of 1100AD; you won't need to worry about system requirements.

Though 1100AD may not provide the stunning 3-d realism of platforms like the Playstation 3 or XBOX, it finds a good substitute with illustrated artwork for each unit and mock-3-d landscapes that won't cause your whole browser to lag. Its not World of Warcraft, but you won't have to pry open your computer to slide in a video card upgrade that can handle the 3-d, and 1100AD isn't Commander Keen or loaded through DOS, either; by contrast, 1100AD has some of the best graphics in its niche in the mmorpg community. Whether you've been locked in combat online for years or you've never commanded an army in a computer game before, 1100AD offers “subscriptions” that can help newbies to get started or turn you into a “Baron” with 10 heroes to do your bidding.

Subscriptions Can Accelerate Your Ascent to the Top

First up is the newbie pack, which will help make the novice stage smoother by upgrading building time by 25% and train your troops 25% faster. You'll also get detailed combat reports – these reports do much good for the storytelling aspect of MMORPG game 1100AD that is one of its strengths that is an imaginative way to give more dimensions to the 3d graphics. Professional subscriptions also exist, but require first being acquainted with the game before upgrades like fog that veils the city is 20% cheaper can entwine themselves into your best strategies.

With 20,000 members who voted 1100AD one of the best MMORPG game, 1100AD has some of the most loyal users in the spectrum of free online medieval combat.