Internet Game

Oh, the Internet. How it has changed our lives. How it has made our lives better. How it has made our worlds more connected, more fluid, more immersive. Friends can be friends across continents; relationships can grown through time-and-space. You have to admit - the Internet is a pretty amazing thing.

Now what about Internet games? What kind of role do they play in the connective and immersive experience? Internet Game 1100AD is one of the best, free online games on the planet. It is the prime example of what the Internet can do for the gaming experience. If you look at a list of the most popular free Internet games, 1100AD will always be on the top of that list.

Why is it such a popular game? Consider the following aspects of it:

A Browse MMO Strategy Game: What makes a MMO good? Nine times out ten, it is the ability for the game to invoke realistic strategy. To put it another way, players want to feel like their choices matter and actually have impact on the causality of game play. With Internet Game 1100AD, strategy is very, very important.

Historical Storyline: Human history is one of drama and intrigue. Just read a history book and... okay, so history books are boring. What 1100AD does so well is make history interesting by actually placing you in that historical context. Cool stuff.

Build, Train, Rob: One of the reasons why Browse Game 1100AD has been such a big success as a free Internet battle game is its game play. Users can build entire cities, armies and heroes and then use those creations to steal, rob and conquer other players. This creates a fluid experience with both personal investment and intrigue.