Military Game

Fans of military games, whether lovers of Risk or if you're already familiar with massive online multiplayer games, will find no shortage of strategy as real people wage multiplayer war in this fun and free online game.

No Downloads or System Requirements Except a Modern Web Browser

If you own a PC or Mac, or live in the US or not, you only have to click “play” to energize into this virtual medieval world of bitmap swords and 8-bit shrubberies. In addition to this you'll find realistic strategy and fun challenges like the Adventure Huts.

Intricate Military Game

Monster's Cave pits your army against giant, speedy bears in a foggy forest. The next Adventure Hut, the Abandoned University, guarded by vagabonds and scoundrels like fallen knights, thieves, and black knights, is a good example of the complex military strategy required to overcome this challenge – this Adventure Hut warns ominously that a direct melee assault on the Abandoned University would be unwise.

Outwit Other Real Fans of Military Game

With 1100AD, you won't quickly get bored with an artificial intelligence that only knows a few basic patterns. Crucial to any successful military strategy in 1100AD is the Hero, who is as powerful as half an army! You can also form alliances with other real gamers. Thievery throws cloak-and-dagger tactics into the mix.

While the military game also features trading, building cities, and special adventures and artifacts that celebrate the fall and winter seasons, users can focus on the elements they want to. It's totally possible to spend a majority of your time on the battlefield with your troops – AI Merlin has got you covered. Just leave the village some fortifications! Even if you've never played a military strategy game before, the flash game design is engaging and addicting—click “play now” now!