Web Game

1100AD stands out as one of the top Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) available online. You can command an entire army inside your web browser, no download required! This rich of a medieval world just inside one browser window is unique, and you'll get the chance to go head-to-head with an international community of fans, vying for a medal as most brilliant commander. Here are some of the features that make web game 1100AD one of the best.

Strategy Tips for War and Peace

Web game 1100AD provides many great ways to cooperate with other king/queendoms – one way is to form an Order, like the Order of Teutonic Knights or the Campbell Clan in real medieval Europe. Assembling an Order costs 1000 gold, or approximately 15 US dollars, but it could be worth it to you for that +1 edge for many of your troops' abilities, such as leadership, knowledge, attack, and logistics. Cooperation is also facilitated by forming an Order—members have chat boxes to communicate, and any member can put gold into a communal treasury. Members of an Order can also use each other's bases as their own. But what happens when you and your Order take on the medieval international mmorpg community?

Traipsing through the forest, your medieval army may first run into a number of computer enemies before you run into the armies of any other people: Wolves, bears, highwaymen, barbarians, thieves, and rats are some of the cool marauders who threaten your kingdom.

What A Typical Battle Might Look Like

The two army chiefs arranged their forces with a great deal of pomp and circumstance, but the battle actually progressed quickly. Chaos ensued as cavalry units like Knights Templar and Horsemen plowed into lines of swordsmen while pikemen units rushed to the defense of the swordsmen. Strategy buffs will fall for this imaginative MMORPG.