MMO Game

the time Internet was born, MMO games have been popular. What exactly is a MMO game? For those of us not common to gaming lore, an MMO is a massive Multiplayer online game. In other words, its a virtual reality world where players communicate, play and battle each other for gaming fame.

There are numerous strategy games out there; however, there are very few free to play games. 1100AD is a new browser game that is based around the medieval times. Players are able to create giant armies, heroes and castles - a la the medieval times - and enact these creations in acts of war.

Let's face it - we all like the idea of the brotherhood, of standing up for your friends in a way that invokes a sense of bravery and courage. But let's also face it - this rarely happens in real life anymore. With strategy game 1100AD players are able to experience that sense of bravery. Players can team up with each, creating even more powerful kingdoms. Experience the 'full-frontal' of war, battling other kingdoms for land and resources. Sometimes the battles will rage on for hours so make sure you have the time to invest.

A free to play online game that actually is good and popular is hard to come by. This makes MMO game 1100AD special.