Strategy Game

Strategy game is one of the popular sources of entertainment for the young generation. The game is some time known as plan game or brain game. Strategy includes computer, video and board game in which the player or the players have autonomous decision making power with a high significance in determining the desired outcome.

Strategy game involves calculated thinking, the act of moving ahead to a plan depending on how the opponent responds to his act. Strategy permits players to recognize every movement that has taken by the opponent players in that game.

There are some strategic games which allow the player to hide themselves from their enemies. Almost every strategy considered necessary internal decision style of thinking and very strong situational awareness.

Browser games are the most popular strategy games because of their availability and demand. There are thousands of PC games among them the following are top most as 1100AD, Age of Empires, War craft, Shards of the Dreams, Galactic Civilizations, Civilization, Master of Orion and many more. Now a day’s young people are not using the PC for the academic purpose only but playing such strategy games much more often. Every day they are spending a lot of time on plying this PC strategy game.

Usually strategy game consists of two teams whose offensive and defensive techniques are continually in change as the game's goes on. Regular playing of such type of games helps to build strategic awareness among the players. Some strategy game enriches the capability of the players to read the critical situation and how to handle them properly so the strategy not only a source of entertainment but also a new way of using the brain.