Great chance !
Scouts from all the parts of the 1100AD world, report about significant treasure captured by inhabitants of adventure huts and mercenary camps.
As a result a chance of getting valuable artifact during this week has been doubled. Do not be late to catch your luck !
Changes in mercenary points distribution system
In order to balance mercenary points distribution following changes will be applied:

1) Number of mercenary points that can be received from mercenary camps will be doubled starting from September 07,2010

2) Total number of mercenary points that can be received from diplomacy contracts will be limited starting from September 15, 2010.

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New options!
We changed the design of the 1100AD main page. And also improved the login system. Now from this page, you can enter the game in several ways - by entering your login name and password, or using a registred account on Facebook. In this case you do not need to register additionally on our site.
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