New bonuses!
Starting from today and ending on October 8, players on all the servers (except Britannia) will receive a special new bonus package.

All the additional information is available here.
Kingdoms on Britannia. The Raffle.
Take a look on the raffle of the kingdoms on Britannia here.
New server - Britannia
Dear players!

Recently we have launched a new server called Britannia. It’s an immerse PvP world which depicts the British isles of the 12th- 13th century, a time when six kingdoms (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Norway and Lords’ Alliance) fought for control over the archipelago. Engage into battle for Britannia choosing whether for fight for one of the six initial factions or create one of your own.
In order to celebrate the opening of the new server, we are giving you a discount of 60% for both silver and gold subscriptions on Britannia.

All the information about new server is available here.
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