Summer Solstice - 50% OFF the subscription price! Upcoming patch notes!
All ye brave warriors, conquerors of new territories, cunning strategists! Summer solstice is coming, a time when the day will be the longest and night is the shortest!
Many of thee fight, conquer and win during the day, but many act in the black of the night!
To raise your morale and help save time and money, as well as accelerate your ingame development, we offer you 50% off any subscription price! Hurry up! Discounts are on from 23 June to 23 July!
Shall the best of thee win!
Upcoming patch notes: details...
Happy Easter everybody!
We wish you all Happy Easter and give everyone a Small Elixir of Inspiration as a gift! Details...
For the beautiful ladies!
Great campaigns, shiny polished armor, trembling in thy heart ... for whom? Of course, for the sake of the beautiful ladies, for the smiles that they give their excellent knights!

Barrel of wine and some roasted meat to every braveheart! Forth to new challenges for the queen of thy heart!

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